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Co-op (Volunteer) Hours

Co-op (Volunteer) Hours – Each K-8 family is responsible for ten co-op hours and each PreK family for five co-op hours completed for the school during the school year. Throughout the year there are opportunities to complete co-op hours by helping with events at the school, doing work from home, and other tasks that come up throughout the year. If a family does not fulfill the required co-op hours, they will be assessed $25.00 per hour not met, up to $250.00.

Co-op (Volunteer) Hours

The co-op hours are tracked. Coop hours must be submitted in order to receive credit. Please use form below to report hours. If you have questions or suggestions please contact the Co-Op Coordinator, Danielle Vargas, via email at If you need a statement of hours, please email and Danielle will be happy to send you a current statement.

Co-op (Volunteer) Hours

COMING SOON!!!  Sign Up for Monthly Statements. We will be sending out a sign up form for those that would like to get a monthly statement of Hours.

Alexis Phillips

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